572+ years

of jail time


$30 million+

in fines & taxpayer costs



labels that prevent our loved ones and community members from living their lives

Time given back to individuals and their families as opposed to time spent within a harsh punishment system.

Money saved in fines and fees for individuals & their families plus taxpayer money saved for the cost of incarceration.

Labels saved, rather than labels forced upon individuals as they experience the criminal punishment system.

National Impact

Participatory defense

“[The] National Participatory Defense movement family is up to 25,869 years of TIME SAVED & counting!”

What Our People Say

We Resolve has been a real life line for me. When we started this case I had no clue what I was walking into and I felt pure sadness, confusion and frustration. The first meeting I was invited to I was welcomed and handled with care and concern, free of judgment. The team helped me understand the charges, helped me understand the process, explained the upcoming hearings, extended support, showed up to court, continued to make sure we were informed and understood what was happening and has continued to do that up until this day. The help and support that myself and my son have received from We Resolve hasn’t made our case go away or go any faster, but it has made a tremendous difference in the way we navigate this case. We can do it with our head up high rather than hung low. It has contributed positively to our mental and emotional health and it ultimately has been the rock of encouragement to push through this dark situation.

Tamerial, mother and community member supported by We Resolve (case pending)

We Resolve helps foster a community partnership with my office, clients and clients’ family and friends. As a participatory defense organization, We Resolve is invaluable in building relationships. The work and support from We Resolve has led to improved outcomes at trial and sentencing. The majority of persons forced into the criminal justice system are Black, Indigenous and People of Color. These individuals are who become Public Defender clients. Together, We Resolve and the Public Defender’s office instills empathy and dignity to individuals. We Resolve helps give human identity to a person who is otherwise called defendant by the system. … We Resolve’s presence demonstrates to the Court a client’s connection to the broader community. … This work is invaluable in helping the attorney create the whole picture of the client.

John A. Riemer, Second District Public Defender and head of Second District Public Defender Office

I came to court the other day and was able to feel your impact for sure. Had that client been alone in court, like he was before he hooked up with you, I have no doubt the outcome would have been different. I talked to him afterwards and he was thrilled, and so glad he made that call to your organization. He went from feeling all alone and misunderstood to feeling like he had a team behind him.

Lori, pretrial supervision case manager

I sought out We Resolve this winter when I had little support and advice from my community regarding my charges. The support and alliance I received from We Resolve was monumental in me believing that my charge does not define who I am, and that there needs to be change in the criminal punishment system. I wholeheartedly believe that if I didn’t receive the care and encouragement from We Resolve, I’d be in a very different place right now.

Pablo, community member served by We Resolve and We Resolve team member (120 months saved)

I am so grateful for the support of We Resolve.

Keith, community member served by We Resolve (6 months saved)

We Resolve is the Army of Justice when you’re fighting for your life within this system.

Landis, community member supported by We Resolve with 596 months (49+ years) saved