Do I have to pay to receive help from We Resolve?

No one has to pay. We only ask that you use your expertise to help other families in need of community support.

Are you attorneys?

No, we do not provide legal services. We are a group of community members who help others navigate the legal process. If you are in need of legal aid, check out our resource page under local resources.

How exactly can you help my incarcerated loved one?

We can help by standing with you as you and your loved one navigate the criminal legal process.

What is the time commitment?

You will be asked to attend weekly meetings (as it applies to your case).

Who do you help?

We are here to work with loved ones and community members who are disproportionately impacted by the criminal legal process, such as Black, Brown, and Indigenous people or those who are experiencing poverty.

How can I volunteer?

We need individuals who are willing to donate and/or attend court via zoom or in person. If you are interested in attending court in support of individuals and their families, please email us.

Are meetings held in person?

Currently, our meetings take place in a hybrid environment.