We Resolve

Tipping the scales toward community healing.

Our Mission

We, a group of Twin Cities families, artists, and organizers, resolve to walk with individuals, families and communities as they empower themselves using the Participatory Defense Model to defend their loved ones against a discriminatory punishment system.

We Resolve is a nonprofit organization that stands with and supports loved ones, their families, and communities as they go through the criminal legal process, in order to tip the scales of justice towards community healing and away from a harsh discriminatory punishment system.

We seek to educate our loved ones and community members about this process and empower them to be strong participants in their own defense and advocates for real change in the criminal legal system.

In the News

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Our latest:

The Center for Community Engaged Learning

“[CCEL] is deeply grateful for the work of healing and liberation that Brother Damon and We Resolve have committed to, and moved by the example they set for us all of love in action.”


“A judge in Minnesota sentenced a 72-year-old Black woman to 6 months after a jury found her guilty of assaulting a white coworker”

The Waiting Room with Nadine Graves


The First 24 Hours

What to do in the 24 hours following a loved one’s arrest.